Iceland Cruise 25 – Exploring Lerwick, The Shetlands, Scotland

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Iceland Cruise March 2018 – After our coach trip, we had the afternoon to our selves to explore Lerwick, the capital of The Shetland Islands, on the Island of Mainland.  The first settlement to be known as Lerwick was founded in the 17th century as a herring and white fish seaport to trade with the Dutch fishing fleet. This settlement was on the mainland (west) side of Bressay Sound, a natural harbour with south and north entrances between the Shetland mainland and the island of Brassy.  I took quite a few photos, and I just felt that most of them should be in black & white, I wanted to try and get a vintage feeling to some of them.  We had a lovely time just wandering around, the only tourists were from our ship, we were the first cruise ship of the season.  Later we made our way back to the ship, and then it was time to leave port and sail to our last stop, Orkney.  


When we were on the coach, I noticed a broch, and took a quick photo (above photo), it was……..The Broch of Clickimin is a large, well-preserved but restored broch.  Originally built on an island in Clickimin Loch, it was approached by a stone causeway. The broch is situated within a walled enclosure and, unusually for brochs, features a large “forework” or “blockhouse” between the opening in the enclosure and the broch itself. The site is maintained by Historic Scotland.  There were several periods of occupation of the site: Late Bronze Age farmstead, Early Iron Age farmstead, Iron Age fort, broch period, and wheelhouse settlement.

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