Windmills, Minus Sails, Plus A Lot More

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Four windmills that are quite local to where we live in the Fens.  None of them are now working, and only one has been restored into a home.  The first windmill is behind Mill House, which is really in need of being restored, if one had a lot of money to take on the task.

The next windmill is behind a garage and I suppose it will just all fall down one day, again such a shame.

Now this windmill has been saved and turned into a home, which is what could have happen to the other three.

Not from far from the above windmill, is this poor specimen, full of rubbish, I think it belongs to a small farm, there are old sheds nearby, which could have something to do with the mill.  But in the ten years we have lived here in the Fens, the mill has just got worse.  I just wanted to record them, while they are still standing.  There are many more dotted around, and I suppose you just can’t save everything.

Just a bystander, watching with interest.

10 Replies to “Windmills, Minus Sails, Plus A Lot More”

  1. It’s a shame to see these old buildings derelict, they served the communities and are so full of soul and history.

  2. It is a shame to see old buildings just left ,they are still wonderful in their rustic state. Glad you are getting pictures of them for I missed an opportunity to photo some old share croppers homes not far from us but…. who would have thought to tear them down! Now there’s nothing there😢

    1. Oh what a shame they pulled them down, so sad when that happens, would have loved to have seen them. Yes I tend to take photos…..for just incase, that they might vanish over night 😦

  3. Old, derelict mills do have their own haunting charm, but it’s a shame when they’re at risk of disappearing altogether. I would love to restore Mill House – I guess I’ll have to wait for that lottery win too!

    1. Yes the derelict ones do have a charm, but it would be nice if they were just make a bit stable, so they will remain standing for years to come. Yes Mill House would be a wonderful project, well you never know, someone has to win 🙂

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