Palaces & Alleyways of Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland

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Iceland Cruise March 2018 – After our visit to the Cathedral in Kirkwall, we started to walk away, when I suddenly notice some large ruins.  How could I miss two palaces, must have been a little tired, well we had had an early start to the day, but that is no excuse, they were large enough.  Unfortunately neither building was open, still too early in the year for most sites to be open, but I could take my photos.  The Earls’ Palace was built around 1601, I have added the information board.  

The second palace was Bishops Palace, this was a little more difficult to photograph and of course it didn’t help that it was closed.  The palace was built at the same time as the Cathedral, around the mid 1100’s, I have added the information board. 

After taking some photos, we walked back to the centre of Kirkwall for a spot of jumper shopping, and I found a beautiful sea green jumper, knitted in Orkney and made of the softest Orkney wool.  I took a few photos, but by then, we were rushing a little, as we had to get back to the ship, for an early sailing.  Next post is about the Churchill Barriers, which really united islands, which otherwise would have been abandoned.

11 Replies to “Palaces & Alleyways of Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland”

  1. Your radar must be on the fritz, it’s not like you to miss an opportunity like this! Probably too much to take in. 🙂 This is a delightful place. Great photos. 🙂

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