Highland Park Whisky Distillery, Orkney, Scotland

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Iceland Cruise March 2018 – On our visit to Orkney, we didn’t go to the Highland Park Whisky Distillery, as we went to Scapa Whisky Distillery on a coach trip.  We were on the coach, when I noticed we were passing Highland Park and took some photos.  As we want to come back to the Islands under our own steam, I thought I would enter the Highland Park into my ‘Whisky Distillery Category’  so I will remember to visit…….just incase husband forgets.

For over 220 years, they smoked their barley over 4,000 year old peat cut from Hobbister Moor, just seven miles from their distillery.  Completely woodless, this dense heathery peat burns slowly and with an astonishing intensity to create a complex floral aroma in their kilns that delivers the intensely balanced smoky sweetness found only in Highland Park…….well thats enough to make Husband want to go back 🙂

11 Replies to “Highland Park Whisky Distillery, Orkney, Scotland”

  1. That is interesting about the peat. My daughter brought some peaty whiskey for her Dad last visit; I must say, it was too strong a taste for us girls, but the guys liked it. 🙂

    1. Steve says they are for venting, but can’t remember what for, but that it why they are all that shape 🙂 Maybe he will remember later 🙂

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