Iceland Cruise 27 – Scottish Dancing & Farewell to Orkney, Scotland

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Iceland Cruise March 2018 – While we were waiting to sail off into the sunset, I wish we had, but unfortunately for us, it was the roughest of all the sailings, anyway we were treated to some Scottish dancing, by very brave young ladies.  It was freezing, I’m not sure how they danced without big furry coats & hats on, but they did and it was lovely to watch.

After they finished I stayed and watched a large crane move the gangplank away, and felt quite sad, it was nearly the end of the cruise.  Husband felt a little different, he just wanted it to end, he was so ill, and worst was to come.  

I did manage to take a photo of the Captain, well I think one of them is.

The next photo is to show you how rough it was starting to get, but you will notice someone wasn’t worried, look at the hot tub……although a little later on she was told to leave, as the weather was getting worse and they wanted to close the deck.

10 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 27 – Scottish Dancing & Farewell to Orkney, Scotland”

  1. Oh, my, the angle of that deck sums it up pretty well. I might have been as bad off as hubby. That hot tub must have been an adventure. Wish you could do video. I’d love to see those Scottish dancers. 🙂

    1. Oh it got worse than that Pat, in fact in the end I was beginning to think we should have got off at Kirkwall like he wanted too, it was that bad……but we survived and in a way I quite enjoyed it. The dancers were lovely, they danced for about an hour, there were all different age groups 🙂

      1. I can sympathise. Once had a very rough crissing of the Bay of Biscay but this sounds worse. I’m sure many of the passengers will have suffered

      2. Oh yes lots of people were ill, we never saw the people in the cabin to the left of us. They were taken off when we got to Shetland, someone else died, broken legs, some else airlifted off……oh yes not a boring trip. I just ate sea sick tablets non stop and was fine, husband had them but I’m not sure that he ate as many as I did:) 🙂 I have heard that the Bay can get bad, lost 2 great grandfathers x 3 in the days of sail. Ha ha no mention again of another cruise….so had to make the most of this one 🙂

  2. Love the Scottish dancers outfits,I love plaids and with the socks .. perfect! They do good a little cold though. I do feel for your hubby .. being seasick is awful!

    1. The dances were lovely to watch and their costumes matched perfectly, I love plaids 🙂 Husband got more ill as the night progressed, I did feel for him, as to him, most of the holiday, the bits at sea, were really bad for him. Still we did get to see Iceland 🙂

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