Copinsay Lighthouse 1915 – Orkney, Scotland

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Iceland Cruise March 2018 – After leaving Orkney on our way home, I did see one last lighthouse.  It was about 11.00 pm, and I was sitting in one of the lounges waiting for the midnight buffet to start, when I saw a light through the window.  It was dark, but I aimed the camera through the window in the direction of the light, and this is what I got, I did change it to mono to get a better image.  The Island of Copinsay is to the east of the Orkney Mainland, and has itself in recent years has become a bird sanctuary, as well as home to a Stevenson Lighthouse.  The light was designed by Charles A Stevenson and was at the request of the Admiralty to mark an approach from the north to the naval base at Scapa Flow.  There is a wonderful story… the 1930’s it was farmed by Mr Groat who had 13 children and between them, and the light keepers children. they had a resident teacher on the island.  One of the rooms in the farm house was the class room……what an amazing place to have gone to school.  The Light was automated in 1991 and is now remotely monitored from the Northern Lighthouse Board’s offices in Edinburgh.  Another Stevenson Lighthouse for my ‘Lighthouse Category’


6 Replies to “Copinsay Lighthouse 1915 – Orkney, Scotland”

  1. Congratulations again! Especially since you really couldn’t see it. And were very lucky to be looking in the right direction! 🙂

    1. Thank you, it’s the camera, so clever knows what I want…..actually Steve saw the light, I was too busy watching them set up the buffet that I wanted to take photos of. But I was really please to get another lighthouse, even just the tip of it 🙂

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