Iceland Cruise 29 – A Midnight Feast & Goodbye to Magellan

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 Iceland Cruise March 2018 –  I feel quite sad now, this is the final post of our cruise to Iceland, and what better way to finish, than a midnight feast.  They did a wonderful job, the ship was moving so much, I did think they had super glued the food on the plates.  The place was full, I think everyone thought it was better up doing something, then trying to sleep with the movement of the ship.  I manage to take my photos while they were still setting up… one said anything, and I thought as soon as the buffet is open, I won’t get a look in…..and I was right, they came from everywhere.  Everything you see is made from food, personally, I love the melon heads.  The next morning I took a couple of photos from the cabin window, these are 15 foot/ 5 meters high waves that we had for two nights and a day.  My husband was not happy, I think if you have read all my Iceland posts, you will know by now we are never going on another cruise.  I, on the other hand loved it, except the last afternoon, when I could’nt get the suitcases to stay on the bed to pack, then I had a moan on about it.  But husband did enjoy the shore trips and a little of the sailing……but not much.  I have so enjoyed reliving the cruise, I really must have, as this is the first trip that I have actually finished posting about 🙂  The last two photos are of my Dad’s garden, we had to rush down to see him the next day after we got home, and we were greeted by snow, similar to what we had left 12 days earlier on our cruise, I think home had more snow than Iceland did 🙂

14 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 29 – A Midnight Feast & Goodbye to Magellan”

  1. That entire buffet is a work of art! They must have to put in a lot of hours to create it. I’ve heard about these but never saw one before. Thanks! 🙂

    1. I was very lucky to get the photos, as soon as the buffet was open, that was it, just bodies everywhere……it was very tasty and it must have taken hours to do, but worth it 🙂

  2. Wow,and WOW! These are fantastic! Love all of them and to think of setting up in a unsteady state!your dad’s garden is really pretty with snow to decorate it. Feels good to feel a little cold right now.😄

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them, I thought they were amazing especially the melon heads, loved those. Dad enjoyed his garden and would have liked your comment on it 🙂 We are having odd weather, one moment really too hot and the next day really cold….we will all end up with colds 😦

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