Fladda Lighthouse 1860 – Islet of Fladda, Slate Islands, Scotland

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While on holiday in Scotland, May 2018, we always visit the Slate Islands on the west coast, just down from Oban.  There is no need for a ferry trip, as the main island, Seil is connected to the main land, by the ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ also known as Clachan Bridge.  Slate was quarried from the islands, hence their name.  There is lovely pub in the main village, where we go to have lunch, you can sit out on the decking which over looks the water, on a lovely day, it’s a sun trap.  This year it was cold, so we were inside, but looking through the windows, for the first time in many years, I saw a lovely surprise, Fladda Lighthouse on the very small islet of Fladda.  Of course it was quite a distance away, but you can see it’s a Stevenson Lighthouse.  I have since read that the owner, it’s privately own, repainted the exterior recently, and now it stands out against the Isle of Luing.  The only way to visit is by boat, but as its privately owned, the site and tower are close to the public.  One way of getting closer is to go on a wildlife boat trip, might try that next year.  Built in 1860, the light was designed and built by David & Thomas Stevenson, and became automatic in 1956.  Just really pleased to add another Stevenson Lighthouse to my ‘Lighthouse Category’


8 Replies to “Fladda Lighthouse 1860 – Islet of Fladda, Slate Islands, Scotland”

    1. Thank you Marcus, yes its a shame, but I think its someones home now, but still a shame you can’t visit. Yes I would too a lighthouse or a windmill 🙂

  1. Great bit of history. Must confess, didn’t even know about these islands. I have only been through Oban. It would be great to get closer. I wish more of the lighthouses were public or at least like Neist Point where you can wander around and get a feel for it if you don’t mind the walk.

    1. There a couple of islands that you can also visit by ferries as well as Seil. There is some wonderful scenery. We were going to visit them this year, but it was too stormy for the ferries to run, even the small one. Never mind next week hopefully 🙂 Yes I wish there were more lighthouse that you can visit, would love to visit some of the ones on small islands 🙂

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