St Mary’s Norman Font, Portchester, Hampshire

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St Mary’s Church situated in the grounds of Portchester Castle, Hampshire, is the home of a splendid Norman Font and was a lovely surprise.  Thought to be contemporaneous with the church itself, this font is nearly 900 years old and displays intricate carvings.  As may be suspected from both the colour difference and the sharpness of the carving, the lower part of the font displaying the columns is considerably more modern, dating from 1888. Apparently the original base, described as having the baptism of Christ sculptured upon it was still in existence in 1845, but the upper part is as it was when carved by the hand of a Norman stonemason.  Made of Caen stone and is intricately carved with spirals of flowers, serpents and other figures.  A baptismal font full of symbolism, which are not yet fully understood.  It’s a wonderful font for my collection of ‘Church Fonts’.


7 Replies to “St Mary’s Norman Font, Portchester, Hampshire”

    1. Oh I collect all sorts, but I’m note sure why he had a face like that. The font is still a mystery, like a lot of things, maybe one day they will unlock it secrets, but I won’t hold my breath 🙂

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