Good Afternoon Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany

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We have had two weeks of very hot weather, in the late 20’s every day.  I thought I would never say this…..even too hot to garden.  We have had visitors from Switzerland and they have loved the weather and enjoyed every minute of their sunny stay…… we on the other hand, kept a lot in the shade.  I am not moaning about it, I love to see it, but I think it it was all the time, you would have to change your life style, learn how to keep cool and invest in some air conditioning 🙂  Anyway back to the post, we are going to Munich in September to the Oktoberfest and have made our minds up to go on to Switzerland again, go up a few more mountains.  As I still have loads of photos of Munich from 2017,  I have had some fun, in the cool, changing them to mono.  These photos were taken in the afternoon on a walk around this beautiful and interesting city.

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