All Saint’s Church, Rotherby, Leicestershire

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As luck would have it, this little lovely little church had an open sign.  Having read that it is not normally open, maybe it is now, do hope so.  All Saint’s Church is in Rotherby, Leicestershire, not sure how we came to pass the church, sometimes we just drive and see what we can find.  In this case we found a church that dates to the 13th century and has an offset west tower, south aisle and porch with clerestory nave and chancel, so quite a find.

The only problem is the church has bats, which you can not disturb, so hence the plastic covering some of the church items.  I did try to zoom in and see if I could see any, but they were very well hidden.

A little history…..The church at the end of the 19th century was described as having fallen into ‘grave decay’ and plans for restoration were prepared by W. Millican Esq., Architect of Leicester. The work included a new vestry, porch and six new windows. The plaster was removed from the walls and a new pulpit and Communion rails were made from the oak timber of the old roof. A new roof was erected, the walls of the church were repaired and the old church gate was replaced. Pews were installed throughout the church in oak, and finally an organ was installed. 

9 Replies to “All Saint’s Church, Rotherby, Leicestershire”

  1. Bats in church.. wonder if they are more saintly than the ones in my barn?!😁another beautiful church though,love those roses along the pathway.

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