We have visited quite a few of the villages and towns that are dotted along the coast of Devon and Dorset.  I have always taken some photos, but never really posted any, until lately, and sorting through some old photos, I have found a few to add to my Seaside Category.  

The beautiful picturesque village of Beer is located on the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast in Devon. Surrounded by white chalk cliffs, the shingle beach is lined with fishing boats still bringing in their daily catches and is famous for its mackerel.

Historically, Beer has a great lace making tradition and, as with any seaside town, the locals have relied on the fishing industry to maintain their livelihoods. With no natural harbour it is a daily sight to see small boats being winched up the beach and their bounty from the sea being sold nearby.  

We were too late to visit the church, so I just took a few exterior shots and maybe next time we will visit.  Just a weather note from here in the Fens, in Norfolk, today it got to 31.  Too hot for me, but on a good note, England won against Sweden…..sorry Sweden, but we needed to win 🙂

16 Replies to “Seaside Town, Beer, Devon”

  1. Simply lovely. I spent many summer/August Bank Holidays at Branscombe and loved to walk over the cliffs to Beer and return, after tea and a bacon butty at the beach cafe, with fresh caught fish for tea. You captured it on such a beautiful day. Barbara

  2. We’ve stayed at Lyme a couple of times but never made it along the coast to Beer. Looks very attractive. Next time, perhaps, or if we ever get round to walking the coastal path 🙂

  3. I believe that’s the first time I saw a beer sign in front of a church!😀 it’s a beautiful village! Interesting info on the lace! Wonder why they didn’t want anyone repeating the design , that’s a little different.

    1. Yes a beautiful village, even through they have a beer sign in the churchyard 🙂 My great great grandmother, Jane, made some of the lace for Queen Victoria’s dress. Jane lived not far away near Exmouth and made Honition lace for a living. Although I have non of her lace, I have a very old photo of her making lace, which is wonderful to have 🙂

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