The End of A Lovely Day, River Cottage, East Devon

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Following  on from ‘The Start of a Lovely Day, River Cottage’ after our walk and visit to the vineyard, we were taken back to River Cottage HQ for lunch in the cottage. Park Farm, which is the HQ’s for River Cottage, is a 17th-century farmhouse, converted barns and 66 acres of land.  The setting is perfect, as you walk down from the carpark at the top of the hill, all thoughts are on the menu and what delights will be offered.  But first there is always a chance to wander around the kitchen garden, where most of the vegetables are grown.

After a stroll around the garden, we were ready for our lunch.  I did take some photos, but unfortunately, I only took a few courses, as I forgot to take them……not very good at taking food photos, not enough practice.  It was a delicious meal and the perfect end to a lovely day.


12 Replies to “The End of A Lovely Day, River Cottage, East Devon”

  1. Fun seeing all the flowers that are like what we have on this side of the Atlantic. Be fun to cook a meal in the kitchen. Curious as to what the pastry’s with the little blue flowers are.

      1. Reminded me of a flour tortilla which we eat around here. I think I have had pita bread .. the kind that is stuffed with lunch meat or a tuna salad.

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