The Start Of A Lovely Day, River Cottage, East Devon

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We have been to several functions at River Cottage, but I think the one we liked the most, was a combined vineyard visit, plus lunch back at the cottage, in July 2016.  For those of you that have not heard of River Cottage…..River Cottage is a brand that was used for a number of ventures by television chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. These include a long running Channel 4 television series, cookery courses and events.  In 2006, River Cottage moved to the Park Farm location near to Uplyme in Devon. Here River Cottage HQ provides dining experiences, cookery courses as well as courses on a wide variety of topics including bee-keeping, brewing, breadmaking, cheese-making, curing meat and foraging.

Starting our day, we were picked up by the tractor pulling a trailer and taken into deepest Devon, well it felt like it.    Had no idea where we were going, which was half the fun, but we had been told…. to wear walking boots.  So glad we did, as we walked up and over Musbury Castle……..which is an Iron Age Hill fort situated above the Village of Musbury in Devon. The fort occupies a commanding hill top approx 175 Metres above Sea Level overlooking the Axe valley.


The walk would take us to Castlewood Farm, with a tour of the vineyards, so we would see what we would have a tasting of later.  I found it interesting, as we have vines at home and make our own wine, which is so we are told, very nice.  So I picked up some good tips and our crop this year is looking even more promising, also with a little help from the hot weather we are having at the moment.  


We then walked on to the farm, to have some wine tasting and some lovely local bead.  We did buy two bottles, so we could compare it to ours 🙂


After a most enjoyable tasting and finishing all the lovely bread, we were collected by the trailer and taken back to River Cottage HQ, for our lunch…..for more food and wine 🙂 This visit will follow in the next post.  

2 Replies to “The Start Of A Lovely Day, River Cottage, East Devon”

  1. Nice looking Holsteins,they give a good tasting milk. Our grapes are just a little bit bigger than yours,we will be picking them in about a month… well, ours aren’t really grapes… they’re scuppernongs. They are used just like grapes though for vine or juice. A beautiful place!!

    1. I looked up scuppernongs, never heard of them, so it was nice to learn something. Our bunches are about eight inches now and it will be interesting to see if they taste different this year because of the sun… 4 weeks and no rain in our part of the UK, really do need some now.

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