A Cloudy Jungfrau Visit, The Swiss Alps

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In 2015 we went to the top of Europe, the Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps, the weather was perfect, brilliant blue skies.  In 2016 we went again, this time, cloudy, in fact the last part, was just cloud, visibility nil.  2015 meant lots of photos, which I have posted, but somehow 2016 just seemed a waste of time to post…..until a couple of people, have said they had a visibility nil visit, but would love to see my photos.  There are not many, but the visit was to take my husband’s parents on the trains that take you to the top, both had been very ill, so it was a special treat for both of them.  In the end my mother-in-law couldn’t make it to the very top, but father-law did, and he enjoyed the train trips and really wasn’t worried about the views.  Looking back now, the clouds were really quite atmospheric, but at the time I just wanted blue skies for the parents-in-law, so I’m glad I made a record in the end.

9 Replies to “A Cloudy Jungfrau Visit, The Swiss Alps”

  1. Beautifully put into words, backed by some great clicks..hey, I too visited Jungfraujoch very recently (June 2018) with my family , along with the 6 year old kiddo (who has by now become a permanent wanderer, thanks to his nomadic parents)and we just loved it..I have in fact shared the entire Jungfrau experience including the incredible train journey from Interlaken Ost Station to Jungfraujoch yesterday only : https://insideoutwithrahulyuvi.com/2018/09/03/an-incredible-train-journey-to-the-top-of-the-europe-interlaken-ost-station-to-jungfraujoch/

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