We had a about an hours worth of rain last night, or in truth a drizzle, but it did give the grass a little boost 🙂  Could do with some rain we had in Venice a couple of years ago, I’m not moaning about our hot weather, but it would be nice if it rain during the night, then I wouldn’t have to water the garden.  Mind you it did rain hard all day long in Venice and we had some flooding…..those boards are horrible to walk on, as you get pushed, due to people trying to overtake you and its quite high to fall off, and no I didn’t.  So a few rain dance photos, who knows they may work.  

7 Replies to “A Rainy Venice, Italy”

    1. Thank you Marcus, such a wonderful place to take photos….but we didn’t it any rain, never mind we had a lovely Sunday and I hope yours was good too 🙂 Lynne

  1. La mia adorata Venezia! Your photos are simply beautiful. l love the black and white with the right amount of colours here and there. This is Venice! Ancient elegance (black and white) with a hint of modernity ( splash of colours). Great job!

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