St Peter’s Church, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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I am trying to catch up with some churches that we visited while in Munich 2016, I did post a few, but forgot three.  So this post is about the oldest church in Munich, St. Peter’s Church, or Peterskirche, which is a Roman Catholic Church,  built in the 12th century in the Bavarian Romanesque styled later expanded to the Gothic Style.  The interior of the church features the magnificent Mariahilf-Altar, Gothic paintings & sculptures, and a ceiling fresco.  There is a tower you can go up, but the queue was way too long and I’m not over fond of heights, but maybe we will do it this year 2018, when we go in September.  

The Peterskirche was rebuilt in 1368 following a fire, and then again after it was almost completely destroyed in World War II. Reconstruction finally finished in 2000.  There were quite a few tourists wandering around, but it’s such an amazing building, that I really didn’t notice them, too busy taking way to many photos, but it was so lovely to photograph . 

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