Munich Frauenkirche or Munich Dom, Bavaria, Germany

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This beautiful church is another one I missed from our visit to Munich in 2016, the Munich Frauenkirche, Cathedral of Our Dear Lady or ‘Münchner Dom’ Munich Cathedral, but the church is always referred to as “Frauenkirche” by the locals.  

The Frauenkirche was constructed in 1468 from red brick in the late Gothic style within only 20 years. The building is designed very plainly, without rich Gothic ornaments and its buttresses moved into and hidden in the interior. This, together with the two tower’s special design (battered upwards), lets the building look even more enormous and gives it a near-modern appearance according to the principle of “less is more”.

Cenotaph of Emperor Louis IV by Hans Krumpper

The cathedral suffered severe damage during World War II, due to air raids during the latter stages of the war — the roof collapsed, one of the towers suffered severe damage and a lion’s share of the immensely precious interior from all centuries since the foundation of the parish was lost either due to bomb raids or in their aftermath, when tons of debris had to be removed.  Major restoration efforts began after the war and were carried out in several stages, the  last of which came to an end in 1994.


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