Munich Oktoberfest 2015, Bavaria, Germany

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I know it’s a bit late, but as we are going to the Oktoberfest again this year, 2018, I thought I had better finish off 2015 and hopefully soon 2016, thank goodness we missed 2017.  There are quite few photos, really a record for me, normally I would have made several posts, but time is short at the moment.  So its really a glimpse of a day at the Oktoberfest, not all drinking and is now very family orientated during the day……during the night, most likely a different story 🙂

15 Replies to “Munich Oktoberfest 2015, Bavaria, Germany”

    1. Thank you, I love seeing all the different outfits, as you can tell by the photos 🙂 By the way it got to 34 here in the Fens yesterday, with the biggest thunder storm ever during the night, knocked branches off trees, the garden is littered with them. You would think it would be cooler, no, now hot and humid…..but next week it looks like it will be in the mid 20’s, hopefully 🙂

    1. Yes lots of happy faces, the sun was shining and they were having a good time. I love pretzels too, but can only eat the gluten free ones, although fair to say, they are not too bad 🙂

      1. Oh bother! My daughter in law is gluten intolerant,so I’ve learned how to cook a few dishes gluten free that are rather good!

      2. You should do a post when you next cook one, its amazing how may people are gluten intolerant, I have been since a child, so use to it by now 🙂

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