A Trip On Lake Brienz, To Catch A Train, Switzerland

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We picked the wettest day of our holiday to Switzerland in 2016, to go on a lake cruise and a mountain railway.  It was a shame really, as we had taken my mother and father in-law to Switzerland to go up the Jungfrau on the mountain railways.  Which we did, but it was a total white out on the last stages of the trip, just cloud and more cloud.  So we thought we would take them on a cruise on Lake Brienz with train trip up the Brienzer Rothorn Mountain, to make up for not seeing much the day before.  How wrong could we get it, the cruise wasn’t too bad, although it rained non stop, it was interesting stopping at all the little villages on the way to the catch the train.  The train trip was worse than going up the Jungfrau, it would have been beautiful, as we caught little glimpses of the view on the way back down through the cloud.  The reason for this post and the next couple…..is husband wants to go back this September 2018 to see what we missed, well he has booked us into Interlaken for four days, the lake is on the east coast of the town and there is also a train station for more train trips……not sure what he has in mind, I just go along to take photos 🙂 This post is the lake cruise to catch a mountain railway, and the train trip and return cruise to follow….. I just hope this years photos will not be the same as 2016, a little bit of sun would be nice.


2 Replies to “A Trip On Lake Brienz, To Catch A Train, Switzerland”

  1. I liked the mist over the village ,although I’m sure that it made for a very damp day! Maybe you get to see the church on top of the hill!

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