The last photos of our trip to Venice, Italy.  If you leave the tourist sights and just turn down any alleyway, you will find beautiful empty spaces.  We just walked and walked, sometimes never meeting anyone, it was lovely, so peaceful.



18 Replies to “Farewell Venice, Italy”

  1. Love all the action you see in these photos..washing ,working, and just enjoying a good conversation! Then I had to wonder how many times one drop a piece of laundry in the water below!🧐🙂

  2. Your photos are stunning! I love Venice, especially when you wander on the streets away from Saint Marco Square and Rialto. You are alone there and it feels like completely different place. So many people who went there with agencies were so dissapointed by Venice, but I loved it, because I saw a different part of it. Can’t wait to go back this September. 🙂

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