Scarborough Lighthouse, North Yorkshire

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I have found a lighthouse, that some how I missed for my ‘Lighthouse Category’ the photo was taken in 2015, could be before I was really interested in them, although I must have liked it to take a photo.  Scarborough Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1931. after being hit by bombardment in 1914.  The last full 24-hour watch at Scarborough lighthouse took place in 1997. After this date, the decision was taken to man the lighthouse during the summer season only. The harbour master himself is now responsible for the permanent supervision of the harbour and the lighthouse. The title for workers at the lighthouse is Tidal Officers, whose duties include checking the boats are berthed safely and operating the foghorn, pier bridge and other duties.  This is really to remind me to take more photos the next time we pass.

8 Replies to “ Scarborough Lighthouse, North Yorkshire”

    1. Thank you Marcus, and that sounds like a great idea…..something that I would love to do, especially the ones on islands 🙂 Have a great week too 🙂 Lynne

    1. We love Whitby and always try to visit a couple of times a year. Scarborough is a little different, but lovely in a different way 🙂 I ‘m guessing you had love sunny weather and the place was packed.

      1. We arrived during a thunderstorm and an ominous downpour. However after those first couple of hours the weather was great. Not always a given, and so with kids we were especially thankful.

  1. Had to do a double take on the diver , my first thought was “ is that real” .. of course a lighthouse is always great to view.

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