The City Of York, North Yorkshire

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We visit the City of York from time to time, and the best way is by train, preferably a steam train.  These are organised trips, which include lunch going and an evening meal on the return trip, with lots refreshments on the way. You have about four hours to explore or go shopping, we do a bit of both.  I’m getting towards the end of a good sort through some old photos, and these are a few of a visit we made in February 2016.  It’s really a good excuse to have a play around with some of them, especially the Cathedral, York Minster 🙂

A little history…….York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the ancient Romans. Its huge 13th-century Gothic cathedral, York Minster, has medieval stained glass and 2 functioning bell towers. The City Walls form a walkway on both sides of the River Ouse. The Monk Bar gate houses an exhibition tracing the life of 15th-century Plantagenet King Richard III.

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