The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

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This is one train trip we missed, we were a day too early, they were preparing for the new season, and although not open. they did let us have a look around. The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway at Ludborough, near Louth is a Heritage Railway.  Construction of the railway began in 1846 and was completed in 1848. The line ran from Louth to New Holland and was officially opened on 28 March 1848 as the first section of the GNR.  Unfortunately early in 1965, it was announced that the line would be closing under the Beeching plan.  In 1984 preservation efforts started rebuilding Ludborough Station to its former glory. The site had been virtually flattened by British Rail. All the buildings had been demolished, the railings and platform edges had been removed, as well as the track and ballast.  Now the station has been restored to its original condition and is a working station, and is one that we would like to return too, but this time making sure the date is right 🙂  At the end of the post there is a photo of Toffee who came with us, he was about a year old and was just starting to get fluffy.

2 Replies to “The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway”

    1. Yes it was interesting, we just need to go back and have a ride on the train when its open 🙂 Toffee says thank you, and he gets a deep brush twice a year and for the rest of the time he is ok, he is due for one shortly. The girl at the kennel does it for us when we go on holiday, in May and September……you would think he needed it every day now his coat is so full and long 🙂 Its funny because if he gets muddy, as soon as he is dry the mud just drops off 🙂

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