A Dining Car At Pickering, Yorkshire

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In 2015 we visited Pickering Castle in Yorkshire, which I posted about in 2015, while we were there, we had a look at the train station.  We had been to the station once before, to catch a steam train, this time we just went to have a look around.  So glad we did, as we had a tour of an 1894 dining car that was being renovated, most probably all finished by now.   I am having a massive sort out of photos, and just thought it was shame not to show our visit, as it’s not something you see everyday.  

We were just having a look around, when we were asked if we would be interested in seeing inside the above carriage, yes please, was husband’s reply.  The carriage turned out to be a dining car built in 1894 and luckily they had some information and photos which I could use.

The History of ECJS 189

ECJS (East Coast Joint Stock} 189 isa dining car built in 1894.  It was originally built as a 42 seat third diner, laid out in three saloons and would have had side gangways.  In 1909 it was modified to have small pantry at one end, to replace 9 eats in the smallest saloon.  It was withdrawn in 1927 and the body was sold to a farmer in East Yorkshire, who used it to house pigs !  Luckily it was salvaged from the farm in the 1970’s and was partially restored.  Subsequently it was acquired by Steven Middleton, and externally restored, with much work carried out on the interior as well.  In 2005 it was sent to the Doncaster Works open weekend, and remained there for further works.  Whilst there, it was sold to Doncaster College, who plans for it subsequently changed, whereupon it was offered to LNERCA.  Which is an association that restores ex -LNER coaches ( LNER – London and North Eastern Railway)

The following photos show the work that was carried out in 2015.  There are also a few photos of the station and in one shot you can see the castle in the background.  







10 Replies to “A Dining Car At Pickering, Yorkshire”

  1. It always impresses me how much painstaking work goes into bringing these old vehicles back to their former glory. An entire train carriage would be a huge feat

    1. We are going on trip in one that has been finished, in November, so it will be interesting to see what one looks like. Glad you enjoyed the trains 🙂

  2. How lovely to see the restoration. 🙂
    There is an old railway carriage at Kalk Bay here, which runs as a little restaurant. Under the glass on the table top there are old menus from passenger liners. Though it is no where near as old as yours, it is still fun to eat there. 🙂

    1. Oh you will have to take some photos when you are there next, would love to see it. We had breakfast in one in the States, and yes they are fun to eat in. In fact there is one at Glenfinnan Station in Scotland, we had lunch there…….somewhere to go when you are in Scotland next 🙂

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