St Peter’s & St Paul’s Round Tower Church, Tuttington, Norfolk (27)

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The next church on our list of eight round tower churches, I had thought it was 9, it felt like more, was St Peter’s & St Paul’s in the village of Tuttington, Norfolk.  I had seen the church before, only by passing, so with fingers crossed it would be open, I tried the door.  It opened like the six before, and I was standing in a lofty uncluttered interior, a simple church, but with that little extra…….a wonderful set of Medieval 15th century bench ends, although only half full of these  There is also a 15th century font with blank shields and a cover which is probably of the 17th century.  The pulpit is also of that period, dated 1635, so perhaps they were part of the same carpenter’s job. The majority of the church dates to 1450 but it underwent restorations in 1884 and 1912. The tower is 12th century, or could be earlier, difficult to tell as it is quite simple, but a solid building that has stood for many hundred of years…… I always wonder what was attached to tower when first built, a wooden structure maybe, or a small stone church, who knows.  But for me it was another church that held treasure, this time wonderful pew ends.  Then as the light was really starting to draw in, we left for the last church on the list…….



18 Replies to “St Peter’s & St Paul’s Round Tower Church, Tuttington, Norfolk (27)”

  1. Love these old churches, the pews are stunning. Another cracking set of piccies, I think it’s wonderful the modern world passes these old churches bye.

    1. Gad you liked the pew ends, we are lucky in Norfolk most churches are open, just the odd ones locked. Over in Cambridgeshire, most of them are locked, not sure why, such a shame, I have to make do with the exteriors 🙂

    1. Yes it had a lovely feeling of spacious and well being. A shame we never saw inside the church at Nauvoo, maybe another time 🙂 We are off to Switzerland in 2 weeks to Interlaken, which you visited, then on to Italy, so looking forward to that 🙂

  2. I love these pew carvings! You know.. those big magnificent churches are great to see,and you leave filled with the beauty of them,but they don’t have the warmth like these plainer ones.

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