St Mary’s Round Tower Church, Roughton, Norfolk (28)

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St Mary’s Church in the village of Roughton, Norfolk, was the last of the eight Round Tower Churches the we visited in January 2017…..finished at last 🙂 although I have found another one and thats why I thought we had visited nine.  The light was very low and I didn’t think the door would be open……but it did to my delight, all eight churches had been open, that’s some record.  There was still a little light left to take some quick photos, I could have turned the lights on, but I prefer to take church photos with natural light.  St Mary’s best feature is the round tower, apparently, one of the most ancient, due to the circular double-splayed windows about ten feet up, and the rugged triangular-headed double bell arches, so it could be late Saxon, but the herringbone pattern of capstone ( I call it gingerbread) at the base of the tower, could mean it’s Norman, anyway its old, wonderfully old, wonderfully ancient, whether Saxon or Norman.

I walked into quite a heavily restored church, a late 14th/early 15th century rebuild with aisles and clerestory, and then overwhelmingly restored by the Victorians.  The feeling from this church, is well balanced and a very pleasant place to visit.  No wall paintings, roof angels or ancient pew ends, just a well loved church, with that wonderful welcoming feel to it.  There is a nice 14th century octagonal font, and a couple of good stained glass window.  There might have been other treasures lurking in the shadows, but now the light was fading so quickly, I had to rush to catch what light was left for the last few photos.

8 Replies to “St Mary’s Round Tower Church, Roughton, Norfolk (28)”

      1. thank You. Welcome in summer time, because then our churches are pen for visitors. After two weeks I start my series of seven churches tour. They are medieval churches.

        Have a good day!

  1. Lovely photos! And I do love an open church, you did well to get them all open there. I am partial to some church wandering and about 50% of the time it’s just an external viewing.

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