Visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy 2018 (Road Trip 1)

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Well that was some holiday, just over three weeks and it felt like three months, feels like three months of washing 🙂  We had a wonderful time, did lots of new things and of course I took a mountain of photos.  It was a holiday of mountains, lakes, islands and sea, plus a few other places.  Lots of churches, all the churches we visited were open and you could take photos……unlike when we went to Venice a couple years ago, and you were not allow to take photos….so I was very happy.  I did get a nasty cold half way through the trip, and which is still with me now, but I was hell bent on it not ruining the trip.  The weather was wonderful, not less than 30 degrees in Italy and only one night of rain.  I have added a few photos of our outward journey, we left early, on the 8th September, to go through the tunnel and then drove through France.  From France we drove through the Black Forest in Germany, stopping to have a look at some Cuckoo Clocks and then drove past Lake Constance on our way to stay with some friends who live near St Gallen in Switzerland.  I have some posts planned, well in my head, I just have to sort the photos out 🙂  I have a lot of catching up to do blog wise….think I might be busy.

14 Replies to “Visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy 2018 (Road Trip 1)”

  1. Must have been great adventure. I love Your photos – so enjoyable. Thank You. We have made three road trips to Germany and at same time visiting some neighboring countries for example to Liechtenstein, which was expensive, but worth for a visit. From Finland it is to travel to Germany by boat. I gave a good tip You when answering Your comment.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the photo. Yes it was a wonderful tour, I still have lots to post. We drove Liechtenstein, but didn’t stop, maybe we should have done 🙂 Lynne

    1. Thank you, unfortunately the cold is still with me, now hubby has it, nasty one, we have both gone quite deaf and have to shout to each other…….funny really, it will be get better 🙂 But we did have a wonderful time and lots of photos to come 🙂

  2. Those clocks have always intrigued me,they are so beautiful! Like that old car,and the house with all the lattice.. nice to see you back on bloggers world. Looking forward to all those photos!

    1. Thank you, its nice to be back, had a little rest, but have got lots to post. I love the clocks, I did buy a little magnet one to go in our motorhome for fun 🙂

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