Caumasee / Lake Cauma, Flims, Switzerland (Road Trip 2)

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Well…… what do you do on a really hot Sunday in Switzerland……. you find a lake.  On the second day of our holiday, our friends took us to a picture perfect lake, Caumasee, so beautiful, like a little jewel set in the mountains, The Grisons, which I think is a mountain range (please correct me if I’m wrong)  We drove to Flims, and walked through the forest, travelled by lift down to the lake (you can walk, but it is easier by lift)  There was a slight heat haze…..which is not good for photos, had problems in Italy, which was really very hot for this time of year, never mind it could have been raining, even worse for taking photos.  Once our lift had landed, the door open and the turquoise blue lake sparkled in the sunshine, yes it looked beautiful, but it looked so cold, and yes it was.  The water being cold did not stop our friends, they were in there straight away, we preferred to watch, anyway who would look after my camera.  There is a nice restaurant to sit, drink coffee and people watch, just a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine.  On the table next us, sat a lovely little budgie, it was the first time I have asked if I could take a photo of an owner and pet together, I didn’t want to scare him, the owner, not the budgie 🙂  The next day we left to travel on to Interlaken, still in Switzerland, where we would spend the next three days.  

Caumasee is a lake near Flims, in the Grisons, Switzerland.  It is one of the lakes on the Flims Rockslide deposits. The lake is fed from underground sources. Its surface area is 10.3194 ha.

September 2018

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