An Afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland (Road Trip 4)

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The first thing we did when we arrived in Interaken, or maybe the second, as we did check into the hotel, was to stretch our legs, and have a walk around the town.  For the first time on a visit we didn’t need coats, hats or scarves, we normally have to wrap up warm.  The weather was about 26 degrees and the sky was full of paragliders, normally we only see a few, this visit they were flying thick and fast (and no I did’t go up).  We stopped, had a coffee and then sat in the park so I could take some photos and just enjoyed the beautiful views of the mountains in the back ground.  Next stop is Interlaken Monsastery and Castle, which, somehow I missed on our other visits. 


8 Replies to “An Afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland (Road Trip 4)”

  1. I marvelled at the paragliders. Great way to get a birdseye view of the alps, but don’t know that I would want to do it.

    1. Thank you, the park is right in the town centre and it can never be built on, which means you will always be able to see the mountains. It has a lovely feeling even when there are a lot of people around 🙂

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