An Early Start Up A Mountain, The Jungfrau, Switzerland (Road Trip 6)

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We had an early morning start for our train trips up to the ‘Top of Europe – The Jungfrau, The Swiss Mountain Experience’   We left our hotel at 6am, I took a photo of a hotel, unfortunately not ours, but you can see how dark it was.  We caught the first train and travelled most of the way with workers going to their job on or in the mountain.  This was our third visit, the first trip in 2015, was stunning, but coming up through the mountains there had been cloud, the 2nd trip 2016, just a total white out, cloud everywhere, but this visit 2018, was perfect.  We had learnt it was better to catch the first train and arrive before the hordes descended….. I know we are part of that horde, but it’s much nicer to see it all, without having to battle your way through crowds.  Next post is a hike across the glacier, an amazing experience, well it was for me 🙂 


4 Replies to “An Early Start Up A Mountain, The Jungfrau, Switzerland (Road Trip 6)”

  1. I started to sing this song while viewing your photos… oh Lord ,my God,when I in awesome wonder,consider all the worlds thy hands have made…. nice photo of you both!🙂

    1. Thank you, glad they made you want to sing, mind you it’s a little difficult to sing and breath up at that height 🙂 well it was for me. I missed out on the photos on the last two trips, so gave the camera some of time to Steve 🙂

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