UNESCO Site – Hiking On The Aletsch Glacier, Jungfrau, Switzerland (Road Trip 8)

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After our helicopter encounter, when we were on the viewing deck of the Sphinx Astronomical Observatory, located on the Jungfrau, Switzerland, we made our way back down the lift to the inside observation deck.  Here we had a coffee while it was still quiet, it can get very busy.  When warmed up, we made our way down to the entrance of a very long tunnel, which opens on to the Aletsch Glacier.  We were just going to sit in a deck chair, and look at the view, well I was, but husband had other ideas.  There were two things he wanted to do on this visit, one to walk some way on the glacier, and then to walk from one of the stations to the next, down the mountain.  So off we went, it’s not so bad, they rough up the ground, so you have something to grip on to and it was warm.  But, and there is a very big but, if you are not use to the altitude, you can become ill very quickly, so walk very slowly……last time I came up I walked too fast, and had altitude sickness, but this time I knew I had to take it slower.  The views were breathtaking, and I had always wanted to see the observatory from a distance.  We spent a couple of hours on the ice, and then returned back to have a coffee at the little drinks bar, and rest in the deckchairs.  My husband wanted his photo taken with just his teeshirt on to show how warm it was.  I kept my coat on 🙂  The hike was quite an experience, and I am so glad we did it.  We then made our way back to the station inside the mountain to catch the train, by this time, midday, it was becoming very busy, it’s best to come early to beat the crowds.  We got on the train, and decided to get off the train at the next station where it comes out of the mountain, and walk down to the next one, more to follow.

September 2018

10 Replies to “UNESCO Site – Hiking On The Aletsch Glacier, Jungfrau, Switzerland (Road Trip 8)”

    1. Thank you, but it was quite warm, not as cold as you would think, the sun is quite hot, you have to wear sun glasses :)…….but not warm enough for me to take my jacket off……ha ha it was warmer than Iceland 🙂

  1. It does look like a nice morning for a walk. It’s good you had those poles to keep your balance. Are they ski poles or specific to that kind of walk? That crevasse looks a little scary, too. I’d be staying away from that!

    1. The poles are used for walking, we use them to aid us going up hills, its just that if you have a long way, they do help…..a lot of people use them to power walk really fast…..not me 🙂 They did come in handy on the ice 🙂

    1. Thank you, its one of the most different experience I have had, I didn’t think I could do it, but mind over matter and all that…… I did and went a lot further than I thought I would 🙂

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