Jungfrau Eiger Trail, Switzerland (Road Trip 9)

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September 2018…..After our trip hiking on the glacier, on the Jungfrau, we caught the train back, but decided to get off at Eigergletscher, the stop just after leaving the tunnel.  They are carrying out works on the station, looks like they are enlarging it.  Again I found more workers up the mountain, never saw any on the last two visits, must have been the wonderful weather.

We were following the Jungfrau Eiger Trail which takes you down to the next station at Kleine Scheidegg.  The hike is a wide, well-developed trail that goes steadily downhill, so you can look at, or in my case take photos of the stunning views of the rock and ice masses of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, without falling off the side of a mountain. 

The trail leads past the old Mittellegi mountain hut, which used to be located on the northeast ridge of the Eiger. A look inside gives a fascinating insight into the Spartan conditions in the Alpine pioneering days.  It was a little difficult to take any photos of the interior, as the sun was shinning on the plastic windows, I did manage a couple to show you.

We then continued down to an underpass that takes you to a man-made Fallbodensee (lake) serves as a reservoir to make artificial snow for the surrounding ski pistes in early winter.  Here we stopped to have a well earned rest and had our picnic, post of the lake to follow.


September 2018

20 Replies to “Jungfrau Eiger Trail, Switzerland (Road Trip 9)”

    1. Not sure I could go up hill, coming down was bad enough, after doing the hike across the glacier. My legs went on strike the next day and we had to resort to driving around the the lakes 🙂 Glad the photos brought back happy memories 🙂

      1. I always fancied living aboard, but then there have been a lot of things I have had a fancy about, but they have never happened 🙂 In fact I have never been to Paris to visit, been through enough times going to other places, must rectify that soon 🙂 What was the music 🙂

      2. I fell lucky with a job and ended up living and working in Paris. Met and married a singer/songwriter with a guitar on a trip to Corsica and we ended up in Vichy. They were wonderful years 🙂

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