Last Leg of the Jungfrau, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, Switzerland (Road Trip 11)

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Feeling a lot better now, although not 100%, much better than two days ago, cold has long last started to move from my head, not sure where its going, but I can now cope with it  🙂  Back to our trip to the Jungfrau, Switzerland, September 2018……Once we caught the train at Kleine Scheidegg, we decided to go straight back to Interlaken, as we wanted to see if there was still time go up to the ‘Top of Interlaken’.  We still had to change at Grindelwald, so I took a few photos from the train window, the last time we had visited, the visit had ended with freezing cold rain, but not this time, the weather was still perfect.  We had, had the most perfect day up the mountain and although this was our third visit, there is so much more to see, just a shame it’s so far from home.  

In 2001 the Jungfrau-Aletsch Region was chosen as the first Alpine UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and the mighty rock massif of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, with the outstanding landscape around the Great Aletsch Glacier……..which is where we had hiked, it was just so beautiful.  The rest of the trip back down the mountain, comprised of me, trying to photograph every beautiful Alpine Swiss chalets that we passed.  I did get to stay in one, in Austria, but thats for another day.  There are few other photos to break them up, but really, it was a chalet fest 🙂 

The above photos were taken on the way back down to Grindelwald where we changed trains, for Interlaken.  You can see the landscape changing  and becomes less mountainous, but now instead of being on the mountain, they now become part of the view.  Next post ‘The Top of Interlaken’


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