Thunersee / Lake Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 13)

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I have been a bit quiet lately, we have a visitor staying with us for two weeks from Switzerland, so not so easy to blog, you have to do the entertaining thing 🙂  It has been a pleasure to show them some of Norfolk, so different from Switzerland, but I have got a sneaky blog in tonight.  Back to our trip to Switzerland September 2018, and after our visit to the Jungfrau, we decide to have a rest from mountains and drive around Thunesee or Lake Thun, this is one of the lakes that Interlaken sits at one end and Thun the other.  The weather was once again beautiful, and the one thing I wanted to visit, was Oberhofen Castle on the way to Thun.  We stopped to look at the castle two years ago but it was closed, but unfortunately we were too early this year, the castle opened at eleven, we had got there at nine.   So I took a few photos and we made our way to Thun to see the castle there.  I think most of the charm of Oberhofen castle, is the location, on the edge of the water, it looks like a fairytale castle, maybe best to remember it that way.  Next stop, Thun Castle.

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    1. Yes, that whole area of Switzerland, is just breathtaking beautiful and it was lovely to do different things on this 3rd visit, but there is still lots to see, just not enough time 🙂

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