Stadtkirche Thun / City Church Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 14)

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When we arrived at Thun, at one end of Lake Thun, Switzerland, September 2018, we were very lucky and parked close to the entrance of Thun Castle.  This, was lucky, as our legs were hurting from all the hiking, of the few days previous, also everywhere seemed to involve either going up or coming down, the whole of the holiday.  As we climbed up to the castle, a beautiful Baroque Church just happened to cross our path…..husband said be quick, it was very hot and he just wanted to get to the castle to have a drink in the cafe….well we hoped it had a cafe and it did.  

A little history ……..The massive octagonal front tower of the Stadtkirche Thun dates back to around 1330. The main entrance and the arched porch are both located on the ground floor of the tower base. The tower hall with its three pointed arched openings is decorated with paintings from around 1430. The nave is relatively new and was added in 1738. The late baroque sermon hall, decorated with stucco work, the communion table and pulpit (both in Renaissance style), as well as a plaque of stucco marble and a bronze sculpture.

Next post, all about the castle.  I took the photo of the church from the top of the castle, which involved walking up many steps, but it was worth it for the views.

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