Thun Castle (Exterior) Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 15)

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I am lagging behind again, I should be posting about Italy by now, but with one thing, and then another, also not forgetting the cold from hell from my holiday, we are still in Switzerland.  My cold which is nearly 8 weeks old, is now just starting to clear, and I can nearly hear normally again, it was horrible not be able to hear.  I mention my cold, as it started on the day we visited Thun Castle in Switzerland, so really and truly for the next few days, I just wanted to stay in bed.  Husband was having none of that, and said I could rest in the car…….he forgot to mention, we would have to climb up and down things, walk around islands and much more.  He was right, I just had to suffer 🙂  Anyway, I did make it up to the castle, after we had visited the church, and climbed all the way to the top to have look in the turrets.  The turrets were used as prisons, and I took photos of some amazing graffiti by the prisoners, which I will post about.

Some history …..Built at the end of the 12th century by the Dukes of Zähringen as a purely administrative castle, this striking building was extended by its new owners, the Bernese, with its impressive roof in the 15th century. The five floors of the castle now house a historical museum highlighting the region’s history, as well as host temporary exhibition.  Next post will be about the castle interior and museum.

4 Replies to “Thun Castle (Exterior) Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 15)”

  1. Visited Thun Castle when we were in Switzerland, as well. it was cool ad rainy on that day also. maybe it always is? Flowers o the bridge were pretty, tho.

    1. Sorry Pat, I meant my cold, not that it was cold (have changed it on the post now) It was very hot, too hot, could have done with some cool air 🙂 It was an interesting castle to visit, as you know. Did you go up the Jungfrau the you were there 🙂

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