Thun Castle Interior & Museum, Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 16)

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We had seen Thun Castle from a distance, from other visits to Switzerland, so I was really looking forward to exploring the interior on our visit in September 2018.  After I had taken photos of the exterior for my previous post, we paid our money, and entered the castle. The castle museum is housed in the five floors of the tower, and includes cultural and historic displays showing the development of the region over some 4,000 years.  There are many objects to look at, I took a few photos of the ones that interested me.

There are a lot of stairs to climb, but the views from each level were well worth the effort and then we reached one level that grabbed the whole of my attention.  

The colours of the altar frontals are amazing for the date of the tapestry, the fact they were looted in 1476 and then survived the reformation of 1528.  They were a little difficult to photograph, as they are covered by glass and I had to stand at odd angles to get a clear photo of them…….I did get some odd looks, but I am use to that now.

We made our way up to the The Grand Hall which is one of the biggest and well-preserved halls of the Middle Ages in Switzerland.  We then climb to the turrets, and the roof, where there was plenty of graffiti for me to photograph, which will be in the following post.


8 Replies to “Thun Castle Interior & Museum, Thun, Switzerland (Road Trip 16)”

  1. Very interesting post to me who loves history and art. Thank You. For Your future travel, I want to tell that we have three castles in Finland. I have presented “only” two of them – Hämeenlinna castle and Olavinlinna castle. The third one is in Turku. I have old photos and someday I will go there to shoot better photos.

    First Hämeenlinna castle:

    Häme Castle

    From Helsinki one hour by car.

    Second: Olavinlinna castle:

    Medieval castle of Olavinlinna

    From Helsinki about 4-5 hour by car. This is my absolute favorite. On the way there are much to see.

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