Chiesa di San Rocco, Orta San Giulio, Italy (Road Trip 21)

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Once we had arrived at Lake Orta, Italy, September 2018, we booked into our hotel, and as it was still early in the afternoon, we made tracks for Orta San Giulio. This small old town sits on the eastern bank of the lake, and over looks the small Isola San Giulio.  As we made our way down the narrow streets towards the main square, we came across a small pink church, the Chiesa di San Rocco.  So of course I was in there, before husband even realised what it was, I was so pleased there were no signs forbidding photography, unlike in Venice.  The interior made me smile, there is only one main aisle and just so different than our churches in the UK, which are very plain, although they would have all looked like this little pocket size church in times passed, all brightly painted, with statues of saints dotted around.

The church was built in 1631 and I think it’s a small plague church, we came across these in Venice, they were built in thanks by the population for the many plagues that struck Italy during the centuries.

 Though of seventeenth century construction, San Rocco appears to have been updated in the Italian Baroque taste, as the ceiling fresco is dated 1733.

We have to thank the Poli family, who saved the building from being demolished in 1930 and financed a complete restoration, otherwise there would have been no reason for me to smile.

After a short visit, we then made our way down to the square and caught a ferry to the Island, plus another church……to follow.

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