Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Orta San Giulio, Lake Orta, Italy (Road Trip 26)

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There were many churches that we visited on our trip, September 2018, to Orta San Giulio in Italy, well of all the churches we visited, this church was the most challenging.  It was so dark, but again I could take photos, so I was happy, I tried without the flash and the photos were almost black, so I had to use the flash, there is a mixture of both.  The Church of Santa Maria Assunta, is beautiful, and even the walk up to the church is wonderful, with the views of Lake Orta and the old buildings flanking the cobble pavement up to the steps of the church.

A little history for you………..The Church is embellished with 1700 frescoes on the walls and ceiling and golden details. 
Architect Nicolao Monti designed the church for the Community of Orta in occasion of liberation from 1485 plague. Nowadays you can appreciate details built in 1700. Original main entrance is made of Oira serpentine and carved with floral and animal details. The church is Latin cross planned and its nave is divided in two aisles and five chapels. On the dome you can see coronation of the Blessed Virgin painted by Luca Rossetti in mid 1700. Under the altar chapel lies the body of the virgin and martyr St. Concordia, brought here from the Catacomb of Callistus in 1686. The main altar is in carved wood.

My next post is about the main reason we came to Lake Orta, although Islands are way up the top of my wish list, religious sites are even higher and especially if they are UNESCO sites.  My husband chose Lake Orta as a surprise for me, the island, churches and the village of Orta San Giulio, were all wonderful, but the Sacro Monti di Orta was the main reason we were here, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it was just amazing 🙂  to follow.

2 Replies to “Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Orta San Giulio, Lake Orta, Italy (Road Trip 26)”

  1. Oh my , what a gorgeous church! Those paintings are amazing..did you get a kink in your neck after taking pictures and looking at them? 🙂

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