From Lake Orta to Lake Como, Italy (Road Trip 30)

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On our trip to Italy, September 2018, we left Lake Orta and made our way to Lake Como.  We travelled around the edge of Lake Lugano, and I think at some point went back into Switzerland, then back out again.  I must admit I did fall asleep, something I never do, but after walking up the Sacro Monte in the morning and my cold now in full swing……I fell asleep on and off for the entire trip.  Although I did managed to record some of the journey, most of the lake views are of Lake Lugano, except for the above shot of Lake Como, which was the view from the back of our hotel.   My husband pick Gravedona, where we were going to stay, as the hotel was near the lake, and the second reason, for two nearby churches.  But I could only see the churches, if I rode a bike along the lake path into the town that afternoon, as he didn’t want to drive anymore that day.  I did ride the bike, but I think I pushed it more than rode it, I did ride it along the path…….but riding a bike on the wrong side of the road with a terrible head cold….was never going to work.  Although the churches were worth every single push… follow next post.

15 Replies to “From Lake Orta to Lake Como, Italy (Road Trip 30)”

      1. I can make you smile some more, I fell into a hedge then last time I was on my bike at home…….did feel a bit silly, but no-one saw, except Steve and he just laughed 🙂

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