The Church of St Vincent /San Vincenzo. Gravedona, Italy (Road Trip 31)

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Once we had arrived in Gravedona, Italy, on our visit of September 2018, we off loaded our suitcases at the hotel, borrowed two of their bikes, and rode off into the sunset…….if only, I think I managed to ride along the lake path and then I pushed the bike the rest of the way.  It was a combination of the heat and balance, due to my cold from hell, but pushing the bike at least kept me upright.  As I said before, my husband picks the hotels we stay in, next to lovely things for me to take photos of ……so far on all our holidays, he has been spot on…..hope it stays that way.   The first stop was the beautiful church of St Vincent /San Vincenzo.

The parish church was built in the later 11th century and of the Romanesque church, there remains only the crypt, which is supported by 30 marble columns. The church’s proximity to the lake has left only a few traces of fresco decorations.  You reach the crypt through a small doorway, and then it feels like you have gone back in time.

The main church was radically reconstructed in the 17th century, and the sanctuary’s restoration was started in 1735 with the work of the painter Carlo Carloni, who did the altarpiece of the Glory di St Vincent, and Michelangelo Bellotti, who painted the episodes of his life on the side walls.

Next post is the church next door ……….


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