A Paddle, A Walk & Something To Eat In Gravedona, Italy (Road Trip 33)

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After our visit exploring the churches, we, or rather husband rode his bike, I pushed mine to the promenade in Gravedona (September 2018)  It was very hot and husband fancied a paddle, soon he had company, a lady and her dog.  It would seem that the dog came for a swim everyday and I think husband had pinched the owners spot, because as soon as he moved, she took his place 🙂  

I have added a photo of the bikes, but they are riderless, husband was still paddling and I was taking the photo.

We then headed back to the hotel to change, and then walked to a wonderful restaurant in the countryside surrounding the hotel.  I took some photos of the lake and surrounding hillside on the way back to hotel and then the following photos are of the walk and restaurant we visited.

4 Replies to “A Paddle, A Walk & Something To Eat In Gravedona, Italy (Road Trip 33)”

  1. That goat made me chuckle,nice capture! Is the tree with fruit an olive tree? Wonderful scenic photos, nice to find that graveyard tuck in among the photos.

    1. Thank you, the trees are olives, they just grown wild on the roadside, makes mine look quite ill 🙂 I love their graveyards, they are just so colourful 🙂 I had to prop the bike up with one hand to get those pictures, but I did 🙂

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