From Lake Como to Lake Iseo, Northern Italy (Road Trip 35)

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We left Lake Como, and drove to Lake Iseo (September 2018).  The journey was far quicker than we thought, even with a stop at a garden centre and a pharmacy   My cold from hell was now at its worse, we had tried a supermarket, but unlike here in the UK, there are no pharmacies in supermarkets.  Luckily we found one near to the end of our journey, they were very helpful  and I came away with a bag full of stuff to make me better……I needed to feel better after I worked out how much it was costing me to get better. Wow those medicines were far, far more than anything I would have paid at home…..but I was not at home and the headache tablets I had with me were all gone, so I made sure I took everything they told me to, so I would get better……… it helped a little, which was better than nothing.  Anyway back to the trip, as we were too early to book into the hotel, we went for a picnic and a drive around one side of the lake.  I have added some photos of the garden centre we visited, as I love see the different plants that are for sale, also there were some very cute animals, wild and tame.  Next post…… another wonderful church.

Some views from the car window on our way to Paratico, a town which is situated on the shores of Lake Iseo.  

A few photos of the garden centre, we were hoping that they had a cafe, so we could get some refreshments, but no such luck, I think they are missing a trick there.  Gardens centres in the UK have cafes and resturants, they are now a large part of their revenue.  The rest of the photos are of the drive along the lakeside, but there are a lot of road tunnels and one half of the trip was one long, long tunnel.  We did escape the tunnel at one point, and drove down through little villages, which was vey nice, but some of those roads are pretty narrow, no wonder they have small cars 🙂


11 Replies to “From Lake Como to Lake Iseo, Northern Italy (Road Trip 35)”

  1. Beautiful flowers,those orchids are spectacular! That is one chilled out ferret.😀 the little painted turtle is cute,when I lived ar home we lived close to a river,my brother would catch them ,kept them for awhile then return them back to nature when their bowl became to small. Lovely memories.🙂of course the old buildings got my attention.

    1. So glad the little turtle brought back happy memories. I think my brother had one once, many years ago 🙂 The orchids were beautiful, wish I keep them alive like that…… I do like to see garden centres in different countries, some things are the same, but there are lots of different things 🙂 I have just started to collect Hellebores, which flower in the winter, beautiful little plants, they have like a wax flower, with glossy green leaves, just right for our winters, they brighten up the garden 🙂

      1. I should try hellebores again,the first time they made it through the winter but not the summer drought… I wonder if it’s not to dry for too long to suit them. If that’s the case I will probably pass on trying because after awhile trying to water everything gets really old

      2. No it might be too dry for them, we have so much rain during the summer months ( we will not count last year, the hot weather is not that normal ) Not so bad for me to water as we only have a tiny garden compared to yours 🙂 But I did find a wonderful pink speckled one, next winter when they have grown some more, I will take some photos 🙂

    1. Oh yes we love our cafes, and yes theres lots of them 🙂 Photo signs are a good way to remember places…..and I need all the help I can get 🙂 and thank you for liking the photos 🙂

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