Ferry From Sarnico to Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 38)

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On Lake Iseo is a beautiful island, Monte Isola, which we wanted to walk around, on our trip in September 2018.  We were staying in Paratico on the southern end of the lake, and it meant about a two hour ferry ride.  We decided we would catch an early ferry, as we had a whole island to travel around on foot.  If you have followed my posts, you will know all about my cold from hell, which I had picked up in Switzerland, and it was now at its worse, even though I had spent a fortune on medicines.  I was not going to give in, so armed with two hiking sticks and my sun hat, we walked to catch the ferry in Sarnico.  The ferry stopped several times on the way to the island, which was interesting, but now I am thinking, why didn’t I take a photo of each stop……and remembering back, I think I slept part of the way.  I did get some photos, although that morning it was very hot and a heat haze was sitting over the lake, which stayed there all day.  The first group of photos are leaving Sarnico and stopping on the way to collect passengers, and then arriving at the island.

When we landed at Peschiera Maraglio we decided to walk clockwise around the Island, making our way to Sensole and then on to Menzino.  This is were it got a little difficult for me, up hill all the way and a few times I did think I would have to give in and wait for the bus.  Husband was having none of my defeatist attitude, so pushed and pulled me to the top and by way of promising a lovely lunch at Siviano.  Also I had spied, a wonderful looking church on a hill in the distance and promised myself a visit, if I could make it, which I did.  What was good about Siviano, it was then, down hill all the way back, thank goodness, but before carrying on we stopped for a beautiful lunch and two churches in the little town.  The following photos are from Peschiera Maraglio to Siviano, you will see an island in some photos, there are two, but I will post about them later.

Next post will be about the church that I had seen from a distance.

6 Replies to “Ferry From Sarnico to Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 38)”

    1. Thank you 🙂 The cats were in a cat sanctuary, there were quite a few, but a little camera shy, but all lovely and healthy. Very interesting island, just wished I could have visited a few more places, but it was so hot and I had breathing problems, so yes, I was tickled pink I did it 🙂

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