Chiesa di S. Barbara, Siviano, Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 40)

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This little church nearly got bypassed.  We were leaving Siviano on Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, in September 2018, after having a wonderful Sunday dinner and a look at the Parish Church.  I had just turned a corner, when I saw an old army gun outside of a building.  While inspecting the gun, my husband said he thought the building was a church, no way too small, was my answer.  Although I thought I would humour him and have a look, yes he was right, a tiny church, more like someones front parlour, the Church of St Barbara.

It was a little difficult to take photos, as the space was very limiting, but again bright and light.  I have found very little about the church, only that it it is normally closed……really lucky it was open, and that it’s 18th century, so built sometime in the 1700’s, and the inside of the small church, is a single stucco nave with a vaulted roof, although small, it has its own frescos.  I only took a few photos, as we still had the other half of the island to go, but I did remember to take one of the beautiful ceiling.  


2 Replies to “Chiesa di S. Barbara, Siviano, Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 40)”

  1. These little churches with their splendid painting are delightful… one would expect it in large churches but little ones…never find that around here.

    1. Well ours were all painted once, but due to the reformation and others, they all got painted white. Although sometimes I do come across some remains of wall paintings, which are wonderful to see 🙂

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