Eating & Walking, Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 41)

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 Ristorante Pizzeria La Torre

We were very lucky in our choice of restaurant in Siviano on Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, September 2018, mainly because the Ristorante Pizzeria La Torre was full.  Although they were full, there is always the table, that is used for bits and pieces for service, but very soon this was emptied and we were seated at the table.  I remembered I had Lake Fish, no idea what fish it was, but it tasted lovely….. We sat inside, but it was so hot, we didn’t mind, it was nice to sit in the cool before walking the other half of the island.  Very Italian, no English spoken, in fact we were the only English people there, mostly Italians that come over from the mainland to have a meal and enjoy a walk on a Sunday, very pleasant indeed.

The second part of our walk around the island, was down hill all the way, but we now had to get a move on, so we wouldn’t miss the ferry back to the mainland.  I did manage one more church, but only for a few minutes, with husband muttering, I am not stopping, so hurry up or you will get left behind…..the sun had got to him 🙂  We did make it with a little time to spare, and I was so pleased I managed the whole walk with out getting on the bus, but I was very tried from my cold.  I slept nearly the 2 hours back to Sarnico, once back at the hotel we had to get ready, as the next day we were off to the coast and Portafino on the Italian Riviera.  


6 Replies to “Eating & Walking, Monte Isola, Lake Iseo, Italy (Road Trip 41)”

    1. Ha ha Marcus so do I, but we are driving to Bravia on Tuesday, then to Switzerland and ending up staying in France, France might be the only place I won’t need my snow boots, but they are saying we will have a load of snow at the end of January…..some thing to look forward to ) anyway I am glad they cheered up your day and hopefully Monday will be better 🙂 Lynne

  1. Never thought of the Italy having tropical islands not sure why! Nice capture of the ally ..reminds me of where my daughter in law came from, she is from Puerto Rico.

    1. I had to look up Puerto Rico, and yes I can see why it remind yous, another lovely island for me to visit one day… if that is going to happen, can’t drive there 🙂

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