Hotel Argentina & A Stroll Around The Bay of Paraggi, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy (Road Trip 45)

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September 2018 – Location, Location, this hotel had it spot on, husband choose it as a surprise, and wow it was certainly that.  Hotel Argentina is situated in The Bay of Paraggi, the next bay around from Portofino, the views from the roof garden of our rooms were stunning.  The only draw back, especially when I was still suffering from the cold from hell, was the six flights of stairs to the top, very steep and very narrow, but worth it……mind you once up there, you didn’t really want to leave.  Once we had dragged our luggage up to the room, we decided to go for stroll around the bay, then back to soak in the hot tub for the rest of the day…..just to see if it would help my cold.  The hotel caters for evening meals, the chef was excellent and everyone spoke perfect English.  

We are off on our travels again in about 2 hours, to Germany, Switzerland and France, hoping to get some snow photos, not France, but as we are going to Southern Bravia, the chances are looking good.  The visit is work related but we have factored in some exploring time, not sure if I can do much or any blogging, so if I can’t, hopefully I am having a nice time and not freezing too much 🙂  If I do have time to post, it will about our walk to Portofino.

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