Old Coast Guard Trail From ‘The Bay of Paraggi’ To Portofino, Italy (Road Trip 46)

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September 2018 ….We walked from ‘The Bay of Paraggi’ along the old coast guard trail to Portofino, which started near our hotel, as the road is far too dangerous, too narrow and no foot paths, much nicer in the woods.  It was a steep climb to start with, but levelled out thank goodness, as I was still having a problem breathing from my cold.  Although the rest of the day was up and down steep inclines, but so worth it.  We have just come back from our snow travels, so this is just a short postcard of our walk, could so do with some of that sunshine now.  Next post, a beautiful church in Portofino. 



7 Replies to “Old Coast Guard Trail From ‘The Bay of Paraggi’ To Portofino, Italy (Road Trip 46)”

  1. Nice “hike” and did you go roundtrip on the path? We have sunshine here, it’s a pretty clear day….and most deceptive. -21C here (yep, twenty-one) and that’s today. Tomorrow, another downward temp cycle.

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