Portofino Harbour, Italy (Road Trip 49)

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September 2018 – This was the reason we had come to Italy, to see the costal towns and villages of the Italian Riviera. The wonderful colours of the houses, that look like they could tumble into the water at any given moment.  The sun, although in this photo it does look like we were on the verge of a downpour, soon burnt off the cloud and we were in for another very hot sunny day.  We had finished looking at a couple of churches on route to the harbour, and husband mentioned a boat trip, with a couple of things that I might get excited about….. well that could mean a lighthouse if we were going out along the coast, and the other, well that had me guessing 🙂  But for the moment, this was our walk down to the boat and the start of our trip along the coast.  Next post, a treat for me 🙂





24 Replies to “Portofino Harbour, Italy (Road Trip 49)”

    1. Thank you Marcus, I was really surprised as I thought it would be over touristy, but it wasn’t, as you say it’s beautiful 🙂 Glad the photos bring back happy memories and you should recognise some more places that I am going to post about 🙂 Lynne

      1. Its just gone midnight here and its blowing a gale, but an owl is hooting, has been for about an hour on and off, hope he has a tight grip 🙂 Ha ha I’m looking forward to summer in several months time 🙂

      2. Oh I agree, 34C way too hot for me, I’m a 24C girl myself…..I like cold, but not when its raining. I think the owl is looking for a mate, ha ha wish he would find one 🙂

  1. Love the trompe-l’oeil statuary on that façade, especially effective from a distance. Portofino is on our list if we ever do that trip down to Turin and Genoa that we’ve been promising ourselves… 😁

    1. Portofino was lovely, all the coastline is beautiful, but so busy, but worth seeing. Its busy because of the cruise ships, but lucky when we were in Portofino, there wasn’t any cruise ships in, so no tourist there…..thank goodness 🙂

    1. It is a beautiful place, I wasn’t too sure, as I thought it would be too touristy, but it wasn’t, it was lovely 🙂 I have lots of my list, far too many places 🙂

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